About Us

Our Vision

Nueva Vida Community’s vision is to transform Gilroy’s environment and create a space where people feel welcome and where their voices are heard, a place where we all count and we all matter. A place where families can live peacefully and in harmony. Our programs are extending throughout Gilroy.

Our Mission

Nueva Vida Community’s mission is to promote health and wellness through prosocial and educational activities and programs for people of all ages and genders. 

Our Team

Our History

by Jorge Mendoza

Our community center is located where it was previously known as the San Ysidro ranch. Located in the East of Gilroy, populated mostly by low-income Hispanic families where the rate of cholesterol, diabetes, and some other diseases, is very high.

The center was abandoned, and a person who worked for the city offered me the center, to try to start a transformation of that community center. I decided to accept the challenge, and together with other people such as Mrs. Edith López and Alvino López, we began the creation of workshops supported by members of the community who volunteered. Creating workshops such as sewing, zumba, guitar classes, board games, football, volleyball, tutoring, among others.

Very quickly, our Nueva Vida Community gained fame and became very attractive to families. Especially those in the Gilroy area, we now have a wide variety of workshops and activities for families who not only live in Gilroy but also in nearby cities. Getting our volunteer organizing committee to grow.

The most important characteristic of Nueva Vida Community is the importance of the voice of each member of our community in decision-making for the projects or programs of our community center.

Some very important partnerships for us are with the City of Gilroy, (Recreational Gilroy), Police Department, and local organizations. And to this day in the year 2022 we continue to empower the voice of the community. What characterizes us is the talent of knowing how to listen to what our community needs and wants .

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